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Shipping Methods

You can choose to receive the products by registered mail or insured parcel.

Registered mail
The Italian Post Office product with legal certification of shipment. Registered mail is proof of shipment. It is legally valid and the package can be tracked online on the web site:
It can only be consigned to the receiver or someone delegated by the same and, if no one is at home to receive the package, it can be collected from the post office indicated on the undelivered mail slip.

Insured parcel
An Insured Parcel is used to send a parcel containing valuable items, important documents, money, precious objects, bonds or securities. The parcel can be tracked online on the web site:
The maximum weight for each order is 2kg. Orders exceeding this weight will be sent in two shipments.

In Italy:
Consignment times can be from 3-7 working days from reception of payment.

Registered mail
Insured parcel
Up to 50g 5.00 10.00
From 50g to 100g 5.50 12.50
From 100g to 250g 6.00 13.00
From 250g to 350g 6.50 13.50
From 350g to 1000g 8.00 15.00
From 1000g to 2000g 12.00 20.00


Outside Italy:
Shipping expenses and consignment times for foreign orders depend on a series of factors, such as the country the package is sent to (Europe, Asia, other countries, etc.).
For this reason the actual cost is calculated when the order is filled and displayed before order confirmation. In this way you will always know how much the shipment costs will be.

Registered mail
Insured parcel
Up to 50g 6.99 16.00
From 50g to 100g 7.99 17.00
From 100g to 250g 9.99 20.00
From 250g to 350g 12.50 24.00
From 350g to 1000g 18.50 32.00
From 1000g to 2000g 27.00 42.00


Transportation risks
The goods travel at the risk and peril of the buyer from the moment the products leave Valory. In the case of damage during transportation, any claims must be made to the carrier. If the goods are lost, notify the post office and you will receive compensation after the relevant postal verification.


Free Shipping
Shipping to Italy is free for orders over € 150. For shipments to European Community countries they are free for orders over € 250