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The reference point for collectors from all over the world. it is an e-commerce with the largest catalog of products of the web in this industry (over 50,000 items) which includes collector and investment coins and international banknotes.

TOP 500 - Hobbies and free time

The survey was carried out by L'Economia con Statista, an international research and analysis company which, through the data and business intelligence portal, with over two million registered users, provides statistics, market studies and surveys on relevant consumers for companies.

The screening took place from as many as seven thousand online stores, selecting those with the highest traffic and with advanced technological features.

The result was an aggregate ranking of 500 websites, divided into eight categories and thirty-three sub-categories, and in the one dedicated to hobbies and free time was placed, a portal for collecting which has one of its leading sectors in in numismatics.

It is not just numismatics

On My Numi, even the most demanding numismatic collectors will be able to find products of interest to them, spending very little time searching and with all the information necessary to successfully complete the purchase and add invaluable authentic objects to their collection.

From euro coinage

One of our key sectors is euro coinage. World banknotes and investment coins, for which we also have a large number of foreign customers.
Furthermore, among our sectors of strength there are also other types of collections, from historical magazines to advertising posters, music and militaria, comics and documents. Posters, in particular, small masterpieces of art and graphics, they always attract attention, even as furnishing accessories and for decorating homes and clubs.

To memorabilia

There are also the memorabilia that captures the attention of many "non-collectors", which are people who, having memories related to historical, sporting or media events, look for evidence of it.

And for each collection you need materials, catalogs, special containers to enhance the objects of your passion.

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